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English is extensively spoken in Singapore however it’s possible you’ll discover it arduous to grasp a few of what’s being mentioned. Many Singaporeans communicate what has been dubbed ‘Singlish’ which borrows from the numerous completely different languages spoken in Singapore. Right here’s a set of ‘Singlish’ phrases which you may discover useful in your Singapore trip:

1. Motion

Derived from the English language that means to indicate off. For instance – ‘he at all times likes to motion in entrance of the women’.

2. Boh-chup

Derived from the Hokkien dialect that means couldn’t care much less.

3. Chope (reserve)

A useful phrase if you wish to reserve seats in a restaurant.

4. Kayu

Derived from the Malay language that means dumb or silly.

5. Lah

You’ll hear this one loads because it’s essentially the most well-known of Singaporean expressions! It’s used on the finish of sentences for emphasis, for instance ‘very humorous, lah!’

6. Shiok (improbable)

Derived from the Malay language, it is a useful one to explain a tasty dish. For instance ‘that prawn mee soup was shiok!’

7. Kiasu (afraid to lose out to others or to not lose face)

Derived from the Hokkien dialect, kaisu is one thing the Singaporeans endeavour to keep away from! For instance ‘he despatched his household to line up in numerous queues for a similar merchandise, so kiasu’.

8. Terok (troublesome or troublesome)

Derived from the Malay language, you may hear this phrase in case you’re being a troublesome buyer!

9. Ulu (rural)

Derived from the Malay language that means rural or a abandoned place. For instance ‘this place is so ulu, you hardly see a single soul round even on weekends’.

10. Ya ya (boastful or boastful)

He’s so ya ya, lah!

Now you’ve discovered the lingo, try our Singapore journey information to study extra about this thrilling nation and ebook your journey!

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