Translocation of Tiger Proves Deadly for Large Cats: Triggers a Large Debate

The latest information of the demise of the Tiger in Satkosia Tiger Reserve on November 14 has triggered a debate concerning the relocation venture of tigers in India. The incident of 14th November comes simply weeks after one other relocated Tigress was tranquilised after she killed two people.

The Coronary heart of The Matter

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The Tiger MB2 was transferred from Kanha Nationwide Park beneath the inter-state Tiger Switch Venture and MB2 was one of many six tigers that had been to be despatched to Odisha. Earlier than MB2, one other Tiger transferred to Odisha was discovered useless within the Satkosia Tiger Reserve. The authorities claimed that the tiger MB2 had died because of a maggot-infested wound within the dorsal neck. Nonetheless, initially, the officers arrested four alleged poachers within the case of demise of MB2. The demise of the second transferred tiger raises some critical questions concerning the switch venture. Wildlife activists requested the forest officers as to why a tiger of the totally different gene pool was launched in Odisha whoso tigers possess a unique and distinctive gene pool. The 26-crore venture between the state and the centre has been halted for now and authorities are attempting to course of info and attain to conclusive proof.

What’s Inter State Tiger Switch Venture?

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The inter-state tiger switch venture was began to populate the opposite tiger reserves in India with comparatively much less tiger inhabitants. Following the wipeout of tiger inhabitants in Sariska Tiger reserve in 2004 and Panna Tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh in 2009, the state and centre determined to populate different tiger reserves to fundamental a balanced ecological system. One other main motive for inter-state tiger switch venture might be attributed to overpopulation in sure tiger reserves, which ends up in tiger migrating to human-populated areas. The primary participant of the venture was Kanha Nationwide Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh who had been to ship 6 tigers to tiger reserves in Odisha which has seen a decline of tiger inhabitants from 12 to 2. Anticipated to be successful, this venture is but to serve its function. With the demise of the transferred tigers, authorities are in no hurry to proceed with the switch of different tigers.

Motive for Demise of Transferred Tigers

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MB2 was the second tiger to be transferred. Earlier than him, Tigress Sundari was transferred to Satkosia Tiger Reserve, who killed two native villagers and he or she needed to be tranquilised and stored in an enclosure. The activists blame the authorities for transferring tiger of the totally different gene pool from the one which exists in Odisha. Activists additionally consider that there was no planning behind the implementation of the venture relatively it was a political gimmick to boast in public. As per Nationwide Tiger Conservation Authority’ guideline, a switch must be processed solely after the present genetic data and connectivity of corridors. These pointers had been meant to successfully cope with the instances of tiger straying within the human-populated space. Nonetheless, in case of Madhya Pradesh and Odisha, tigers from each the states have a unique gene pool. The switch of Tigers from Kanha Nationwide Park in Madhya Pradesh to the hazard zone of the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha was accomplished in opposition to the rules set by the NTCA. Wildlife Activists was seen arguing on the above-mentioned level and he seeks to maneuver the court docket to ask for a probe within the case.

Who to Blame for Tiger Relocation Failure?

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Whereas the authorities initially arrested 4 alleged poachers within the case of demise of Tiger MB2, it was later revealed that the tiger died because of a maggot-infection on the neck. The opposite case of translocation additionally didn’t go as anticipated after Tigress Sundari attacked two villagers. Nonetheless, there was one other case of demise of a translocated tiger. Tiger Mahavir was transferred to Satkosia Tiger Reserve (STR) in June this yr after the STR’s proposal was authorised by NTCA in October final yr. Mahavir bought trapped in a lure that was set for deer and he died from his accidents. Biplab Mahapatra of Folks For Animals stated that all the train of translocation of tigers was an absurd train, to start with, within the first place. Sundari additionally needed to be contained. Three instances of failure of relocation increase the query as to who must be blamed for the failures. The NTCA has clearly acknowledged that the translocation occurred in violation of its pointers. Authorities of STR are but to touch upon the difficulty of those failures. Nonetheless, evidently the venture could be shelved for some time earlier than a constructive plan is in place for relocation.

Is Relocation a Dangerous Thought?


Relocation in itself is just not a nasty concept. In September, when Gir Nationwide Park witnessed the demise of 23 Asiatic Lions, a degree was raised about relocation. In 2013, Supreme Court docket had directed Gujarat Authorities, led by the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi, to switch a few of its Lion Inhabitants to different states with the intention to cease the overpopulation in Gir Nationwide Park. Though, an endangered species, huge cats are wanted to be supplied with giant areas and plentiful animals to hunt to ensure that them to outlive. Having even 15 tigers can show deadly because the tigers migrate with the intention to search for new territory and prey.

What Lies Forward?

The Tiger Switch venture appears to be shelved as of now and the authorities are nonetheless attempting to find out the reason for such failures. We hope in future we get to see a correct roadmap for the switch of massive cats to different reserves.

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